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The Building Industry Federation has established a proud partnership with GS1 New Zealand (GS1NZ).

Since forming in the 1970s, the organisation that is now GS1NZ, has been helping businesses to refine and streamline their business processes and supply chains.

GS1 is a global federation of 115 not-for-profit, member-owned organisations and GS1 New Zealand is New Zealand’s member organisation of GS1. GS1NZ works closely with industry sector organisations such as BIF to drive the use and implementation of open, global supply chain standards with their communities to streamline business processes. GS1’s suite of supply chain standards includes unique item, entity and location identifiers, traceability and data synchronisation, management and sharing systems.

The BIF | GS1 partnership is part of our strategy to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the building, hardware & construction sector supply chain.

Through BIF, the sector has a key stake holding in GS1 New Zealand where we have an industry representative sitting on the GS1 Board who is nominated by BIF. The BIF encourages members to explore with GS1 the potential benefits it can bring to your businesses. Find out more here.


GS1’s standards and services are both recognised and widely used in the global building and construction sector because they provide value and benefits to all supply chain stakeholders, both large and small, from suppliers to merchants to end users. GS1 standards include:

  • Barcodes (incl: 2D QR Code) and RFID technologies for use in Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) related applications such as warehouse scanning processes and point-of-sale applications.

  • Product master data (electronic catalogue) synchronisation using the GS1 National Product Catalogue (NPC).

  • Standards for business-to-business e-commerce.

  • Expert consultancy on supply chain solutions utilising the GS1 suite of standards.


GS1 has participated in both the global and national building and construction sector for many years. The use and implementation of GS1 standards in the sector is increasing as the benefits on offer to all stakeholders continue to be realised:

  • Sector-wide alignment on using globally standardised identification numbers such as the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) and Global Location Numbers (GLN) to drive a common, interoperable ‘language of business’ to streamline business processes.

  • ​GS1NZ’s National Product Catalogue (NPC) is the industry preferred product master data synchronisation system that is used extensively in the NZ hardware industry. Placemakers, Mitre 10 and ITM all have data management programmes operating using the NPC as the authoritative data synchronisation resource with their respective supplier communities. Currently the NPC has over 100k sector related products populated in the NPC.

  • Bar Code Verification (BCV) is a barcode testing service for checking that GS1 Bar Codes are correctly created and printed so that any scanner will be able to read them first time, every time. Major hardware retailers require suppliers get their bar codes verified by GS1 prior to ranging to prevent data inaccuracies or POS scanning inefficiencies.  

  • High quality, affordable Product Photography service for displaying products both on-shelf and on-line, supported by a secure, online  MediaLibrary service where photographs, MDS, videos and marketing material can be stored and shared internally or with trading partners.

  • Global connections – around the world there are numerous industry and government lead initiatives Involving the use and implementation of GS1 standards in the building and construction industry.


​Any building or hardware business can become a GS1 New Zealand member. Membership of GS1 provides the following benefits:

  • A licence to use the GS1 global system of authentic barcode numbers (GTIN) and Global Location Numbers (GLN).

  • Complimentary barcode verifications and barcode graphic generation tool.

  • Complimentary seminars, webinars and online tools for learning and implementing GS1 standards.

  • Expert helpdesk and tollfree technical support services and consulting.

For more information about GS1 New Zealand visit –

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