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Industry Representation
  • We can effectively communicate to government and the public your views on industry issues affecting your business.
  • We can represent your views in the context of shared industry concerns
Our Aims Are To
  • Promote effective legislation and regulations.
  • Make the Building Act an effective piece of legislation.
  • Advocate for sensible, acceptable solutions and standards in building construction.
  • We develop direct communication and networking opportunities for building industry participants.
  • We are an active participant on the NZ Construction Industry Council.
BIF Supports
  • Joint development of standards between Australia and New Zealand.
  • Increased funding for development of standards.
  • Scientifically based standards and acceptable solutions.
  • Research aimed at developing innovative approaches for the future.
  • Increased levy funding for building related research.
Industry Growth
  • We promote a consistent immigration and interest rates policy with central government.
  • We have established a credit referencing system for industry in conjunction with our business partner - CreditWorks Solutions.
  • We advocate change in privacy rules that protect individuals and sole traders from appropriate public scrutiny of their credit record.

BIF was formed in 2001 to effectively represent the interests of major industry participants including merchants, importers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers, construction companies and other service providers to government.

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