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We Represent The Building Industry In New Zealand At The Highest Level
  • We have extensive contacts with government officials and Members of Parliament.
  • We make submissions on a variety of policy issues to ensure our members' concerns are heard.
  • We are an active member of the NZ Construction Industry Council and have been influential in seeing this group become more formalised and organised as a credible voice to government when dealing with wider building industry issues.
  • We provide a linkage between various sectors within the industry.
We Are A Progressive Industry Association
  • We do not attempt to be all things to all people. We focus on representing the interests of the supply chain.
We Provide Information That Is Of Interest And Importance To You
  • We communicate by email to ensure the message gets to members quickly.
We Have Forums For Discussion And Input
  • We have sub-groups dealing with specific issues of importance to these members - such as treated timber.
We Provide Regular Networking Opportunities
  • We hold regular presentations for members to keep abreast of important issues affecting their business.
We Maintain An Industry-Neutral Website For Current Information And Communication

BIF was formed in 2001 to effectively represent the interests of major industry participants including merchants, importers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers, construction companies and other service providers to government.

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